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Defense System

Inflammatory response



Antibody (immunoglobin protein)

Types of Immune Response

B-Lymphocytes: The Humoral Response

T-Lymphocytes: Cell-Mediated Response


IMG 3-12-3
Table 3-12-3: Different types of immunity

Active (Antibodies made by the human immune system, long term acting due to memory cells)

Passive (Given-Antibodies, short term acting)



- Response to disease
- Rejecting transplant

- Acquired antibodies
(via placenta, breast milk)


- Vaccination
(Injection of the antigen in a weakened form)

- Injection of antibodies from an artificial source, e.g. anti venom against snake biter


- Antibody in response to antigen
- Production of memory cells
- Long lasting

- Antibodies provided
- No memory cells
- Short lasting

How vaccines produce responses by the immune system

Artificial active immunity