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Dietary Requirements

Role Of Carbohydrates And Lipids In The Body

Simple Laboratory Techniques For Estimating Energy Content Of Different Foods

Role Of Proteins In The Body


Role Of Vitamins With Respect To Vitamin D And Of Inorganic Ions Illustrated By Fe And Ca

The Path Of Iron Through The Body

People Who Are Vulnerable To A Deficiency Of Iron:

Dietary Requirements Concept Of Basal Metabolic Rate BMR

Protein Requirement

Glycogen Loading And The Enhancement Of Athletic Performance

Concept Of A Balanced Diet And Problems Which Arise From Vegetarian And Weight-Loss Diets

Table 16-5-1: Dietary demands in pregnancy and lactation
Protein Growth of fetus, placenta, uterus, breasts High amino acid content of milk for growth of baby
Iron For fetal Hb and increase in mother's Hb and blood volume Synthesise of baby's Hb
Calcium Growth of fetal teeth and bones Growth of baby's bones (and teeth)

Influence Of IUDs And Oral Contraceptives On Menstrual Loss Of Iron

Sample calculation